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Medikabazaar has completed a successful test of drone delivery of medical supplies

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New Delhi: Medikabazaar is paving the way for the next big thing in healthcare supply chain management by using drones to transport medical supplies to B2B space. In accordance with Medikabazaar’s objective of revolutionising healthcare, the company has started a trial drone project with Redwing Labs to transport medical supplies and evaluate the potential of drones as a last-mile delivery option, particularly in emergency situations. In Bengaluru, the first scheduled test drone delivery was completed successfully.

The trial in Bengaluru aimed to deliver medical supplies by drone. The drone in use has a maximum range of 35 kilometres and can transport payloads weighing one to ten kilogrammes.

The initiative seeks to provide medical supplies to many places in rural, urban, and semi-urban areas, including those where traditional forms of distribution take much longer due to difficult terrain. Medikabazaar’s pilot initiative seeks to have a large-scale influence and dedication to revolutionise healthcare by making it available to even the most remote locations for emergency situations.

Vivek Tiwari, CEO & Founder of Medikabazaar emphasised on the initiative saying, “The ‘Pilot Drone Project’ using drones is in line with our commitment to transform healthcare by way of technology. Faster delivery of critical and emergency medical supplies, vaccines, lifesaving drugs, devices, and equipment can be a great contributor to saving lives. This project is one of the first such programmes in the country where drones are used to deliver medical supplies to hospital centres. The vision is to ensure easy healthcare accessibility throughout the nation, from the most populous to the most remote areas of India in the near future.”

In addition, the effort aims to reduce the load on frontline health professionals and supply chain management. Drones that transport medical supplies straight to hospitals save time and assist healthcare staff in providing better patient care.

Source: Economic Times

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