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Microsoft and EY collaborate in developing an intelligent payroll chatbot

 In order to solve the issue of organisations finding it difficult to properly respond to tier-1 questions from employees owing to a variety of factors, EY and Microsoft have teamed up to develop an intelligent payroll chatbot for the next-generation payroll platform.

The EY intelligent payroll chatbot will modernise payroll employee care, automate payroll administrator controls, and offer strategic insights for workforce development using the azure openAI service and EY payroll experience. Using proof-of-concept data, the chatbot will increase KPIs for first-contact resolution and employee satisfaction by over 50%.

The EY intelligent payroll chatbot will be included in the EY employee experience web and mobile applications, which provide employees with compliant payslips, tax documents, and insights in 49 different languages and 159 different countries. In order to formalise EY’s best practises for tax and payroll intelligence, Microsoft and EY will also work together more closely to develop new AI tax applications and LLMs.

In order to formalise EY’s cutting-edge strategies for tax and payroll intelligence, EY and Microsoft will continue to create LLMs and new AI Tax applications. EY is dedicated to enhancing the client experience through the use of new age technology and generative AI.

Microsoft is thrilled to be a part of this partnership, which makes use of the Azure Open AI Service to deliver cutting-edge regulatory compliance solutions that benefit from the most advanced AI models available.

The EY intelligent payroll chatbot uses LLMs to comprehend the ontological structure of a payslip for an employee, and azure openAI services assists EY in ethically integrating the most recent generative AI into their products.

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