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Minister advises I&B officials to try new technology and explore new horizons to make government communication more focused on the needs of the citizenry 

Anurag Thakur, the Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting, urged the Indian Information Service (IIS) officers and members of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Wednesday to push the boundaries of public communication and use new technologies in doing so.

The Minister was speaking to an audience in New Delhi as he opened the day-long “Chintan Shivir” conclave on “Citizen Centric Communication as a Tool for Good Governance.” According to Thakur, both the media landscape and how information is consumed by individuals are rapidly changing. In order to address those needs, he continued, it is necessary to adapt new information transmission techniques.

The minister noted that the Indian Information Service (IIS) is an essential component of the government and that this year’s Chintan Shivir has given the staff members a special opportunity to work together, reflect on their own behaviour, and promptly alter their course. He encouraged the officers to aim towards greater effectiveness through improved resource management, teamwork, collaboration, and information sharing.

The minister asked everyone in attendance to set a deadline for themselves and to regularly review and update both the ministry’s and their own organization’s priorities and deliverables. The minister urged the officers to periodically assess their ability to serve the country to the best of their abilities, referring to Karmayogi Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership.

As the government is focused on the welfare of the impoverished, the minister outlined a clear priority for the ministry’s communication aim and stated that the Antyodaya mantra should direct the officers’ everyday activities. He emphasised how a substantial portion of India lacks access to television and newspapers and lives in the media shadows.

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