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Ministry of Education invites you to take part in a digital survey for the National Curriculum Framework

The Digital Survey for National Curriculum Framework (DiSaNC) has received a call for participation from the Ministry of Education. The development of the curriculum framework has been suggested by the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 in four areas: school education, early childhood care and education (ECCE), teacher education, and adult education.

The Education Ministry urged the public to take part and provide ideas to the NCF survey in a social media post that read: “The Digital Survey for National Curriculum (DiSaNC) aims to collect suggestions and feedback from the public at large. This will help in the formulation of National Curriculum Framework (NCF).”

It added, “The DiSaNC Survey is available in 23 languages.”

What should be the focus of learning for children between the ages of three and eight? What subjects should be taught to children in Classes three to five? What subject areas do children need to study in Classes six to eight? These and additional questions are included in the DiSaNC survey. The Digital Survey for National Curriculum includes questions about what society expects from school education, what values children need to inculcate during their schooling, and what language a child should study in school starting in Class 1.

The survey asks for suggestions on how to improve the dignity of teachers and what role they should play in the overall development of students.

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