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Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance to foray into genetic mapping with Rs-12,000 kit

Mukesh Ambani is aiming to advance the field of genetic mapping, which may be helpful in determining a person’s predisposition for certain illnesses and diseases including cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, cardiac risks, etc. The comprehensive Rs 12,000 genome sequencing test, developed by Strand Life Sciences, would be made available by Reliance Industries.

According to Strand CEO Ramesh Hariharan, the genome test, which costs $145, is around 86% less expensive than comparable local options. It will be the least expensive genomic profile in the world, he said. He predicts that adoption will be sparked by the low price.

Strand will use the most recent findings in science, according to Hariharan, while evaluating the test results.

The testing will enable the building of a database of biological information that could help in the development of drugs.

Businesses like the US-based 23andMe offer ancestry reports for $99, while the company’s health plus ancestry reports cost $199. Indian companies like MapmyGenome and Medgenome charge over $1,000 for full genome sequencing for health red flags. Chinese companies who give the results for less money do not include all of the tests, though.

In the upcoming weeks, Reliance intends to actively promote the test on the MyJio app.

Finding one’s heritage or traits like athleticism, hair texture, or a propensity to gain weight are very popular among consumers in the US. The focus of the longer-term business plan is on preventive healthcare.

Genetic test regulations have not yet been set up in India.

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