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Musk fired an additional 10% of Twitter’s staff in the most recent wave of layoffs

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According to a report published by the New York Times on Sunday, Twitter recently let go of at least 200 workers, or around 10% of its workforce. Product managers, data scientists, machine learning and site reliability engineers, who were in charge of making sure Twitter’s various features ran without a hitch, were the individuals impacted on Saturday night.

The NYT report cited sources with knowledge of the situation. Elon Musk reportedly fired dozens of sales and engineering staff last week despite telling them there wouldn’t be any further layoffs. One employee reportedly revealed that Musk had given the group a one-week deadline to enhance Twitter’s ad targeting system, according to sources.

Many others, however, believed this to be impractical because it takes more time and resources to improve such a system. According to some sources, Musk’s lack of expertise in targeted advertising may have contributed to the layoffs.

Musk revealed in January 2023 that there were roughly 2,300 people working on the company at the time. Around 200 employees were impacted by the most recent round of job cuts at Twitter, which included another round of layoffs.

Musk cited a sharp decline in revenue as a result of advertisers reducing their expenditures, in part owing to worries about content moderation. Twitter has begun paying select content creators a portion of the revenue from advertisements in an effort to make up for a drop-in revenue. The Information reports that on Saturday, the social media site let go of dozens of employees.

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