Nairobi fly infection scare in North Bengal after Sikkim

The Darjeeling district administration has issued a warning on insect prevention after the acid fly or Nairobi fly infection has caused fear in a number of North Bengali communities.

The insect primarily infects children and people with delicate skin.

According to officials, the virus originally surfaced in Sikkim and has since spread. The virus has currently infected over 100 students at North Bengal University (NBU), Siliguri. Numerous students have left their hostels in a state of such anxiety and panic to return home.

“We have issued an advisory on preventive measures such as wearing full sleeves, avoiding going outside in the evening, using mosquito nets, and using dim light inside houses,” said Darjeeling District Magistrate S Ponnambalam. Infected individuals should seek medical attention right away.

According to the director of the Darjeeling District Hospital, the issue is merely a skin disease. In Darjeeling, there are now 3–4 cases, but none of them necessitate hospitalisation. People need to be cool and not panic because nothing seriously threatening would occur in this situation. In actuality, we are unsure whether the three to four patients who arrived coincidentally suffered an insect bite. I will however request a thorough explanation from my seniors. The District Magistrate declared, “Our goal right now is to control the infection and trace the breeding places. I request people not to panic.”

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