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NATO introduces a new public sector HRM tool

-By ArdorComm News Network

The NATO Building Integrity (NATO BI) initiative published the new Human Resource Management (HRM) toolkit for the public sector on October 24, 2022. The toolkit, created by the Norwegian Center for Integrity in the Defence Sector (CIDS), provides an interactive manual for fostering integrity in the public sector. It includes systematic planning manuals for human resources staff, employee questionnaires, and practical managerial competency assessments.

The development of transparent, accountable, and democratic institutions depends on HRM. NATO BI aims to assist allies and partner nations on advancing good governance and putting these values into practise in the defence and related service sectors. According to NATO, effective HR management systems are essential to a well-functioning defence and security sector because they create leadership cultures that can be relied upon and trusted.

Integrity building should be incorporated into every aspect of any institution, including job design, recruitment, and selection processes, as well as organisational culture. The newly created toolkit tries to create a link between organisational principles and practises in various circumstances. The HRM toolkit can now be used in compliance with NATO BI principles thanks to the publication of the “Glossary of Human Resource Management in the Public Sector.”

Its goal is to support public sector employees and managers, as well as members of civil society organisations and the media, in creating institutional resilience. The toolkit will be made available in Arabic, Georgian, Ukrainian, and Spanish in addition to the two official languages of NATO (English and French).

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