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NEET-UG 2024 Results Controversy: Normalization Process and Cut-Off Scores Under Scrutiny

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The NEET-UG 2024 results, announced on Tuesday, have stirred significant controversy and concern among students and parents. Objections have been raised regarding the normalization process, the unprecedented number of perfect scores, and the overall admission chances to government medical colleges.

Controversial Results

Students and parents have expressed shock over the announcement that 67 students achieved a perfect score of 720 out of 720. Notably, six of these students have consecutive seat numbers and are from Haryana, suggesting they may have taken the exam at the same center. This anomaly has led to demands for an investigation into potential discrepancies in the results.

Demands for Investigation

Parents have written to the National Testing Agency (NTA) seeking a thorough investigation into these alleged discrepancies before the commencement of counseling. Additionally, scorecards of students scoring 718 and 719 have circulated on social media, raising further questions. Parents argue that such scores are technically impossible under the exam’s marking scheme, which awards four marks per correct answer and deducts one mark for incorrect answers.

NTA’s Response

In response, the NTA stated that it received representations and court cases from candidates concerning lost time during the exam held on May 5. To address this, the NTA applied a normalization formula based on a 2018 Supreme Court judgment, which compensates for lost time with grace marks. This adjustment led to some candidates receiving scores of 718 or 719.

Concerns Over High Scores

Parent representative Ruiee Kapoor found the NTA’s explanation unsatisfactory, arguing that a score of 718 or 719 is improbable. Kapoor also highlighted the unusual number of perfect scores and the significant increase in cut-off marks, which rose from 137 to 164. This increase has made it more challenging for even top scorers to secure seats in prestigious institutions like AIIMS Delhi.

Easier Exam Sections

An NTA official explained that more students scored higher marks due to the normalization process and relatively easier physics and chemistry sections aligned with NCERT books. This approach aimed to ensure equity and discourage reliance on coaching institutes.

Specific Concerns

Some parents questioned the fairness of grace marks for lost time, suggesting this provision should have been specified in the exam brochure. Sachin Bangad, a parent representative, claimed the exam was “managed,” pointing to the unusual concentration of perfect scores at a single exam center in Faridabad, Haryana. The NTA acknowledged that an incorrect distribution of papers at this center led to a 45-minute delay, which was compensated using a court-mandated formula.

Calls for Transparency

Experts, including faculty doctors, have demanded clarity on the normalization criteria and its application across exam centers. Parents argue that the significantly higher cut-off scores have diminished the chances of many candidates aspiring to join government medical colleges. According to Bangad, students scoring below 660 marks now face slim chances of securing admission to government medical colleges, compared to previous years when students with 600 marks could secure seats.

The controversy surrounding the NEET-UG 2024 results underscores the need for transparency and fairness in the exam’s normalization process and scoring criteria. As stakeholders continue to demand explanations and investigations, the NTA faces increasing pressure to address these concerns and ensure a fair admissions process for all candidates.


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