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Netflix is all set to expand into video games and looking forward to hiring new employees

Video games have always been one of the favourite time pass or entertainment for a lot of youngsters across the globe. It does have an addictive impact on the minds of the person playing it, providing a deep sense of satisfaction and joy. Hence video games have so far never been out of fashion. Becoming the cherry on the cake, the pandemic era brought back the craze and allowed contribution of enough time for people to play and enjoy these games.
Keeping the steep rise of demand in mind and the quality freak content, Netflix is all set to launch newest video games and targeting new hiring for the same. With this aim OTT platform Netflix is expanding into video games, for this purpose the company has hired Mike Verdu, who is a former Facebook and Electronic Arts executive, as its new vice president of game development. As per the reports, Verdu was previously the VP of content for Facebook Reality Labs, where he was in charge to look after Oculus Studios and the teams that brought second and third-party virtual reality games to Oculus VR headsets. At present Netflix Verdu will be reporting to Greg Peters, Netflix’s chief operating officer and chief product officer.
This is being considered as the trump card move by Netflix, keeping in the mind the latest, market trends. The Liontree CEO Aryeh Bourkoff, who is also the banker behind the biggest media deals of 2021, which included WarnerMedia- Discovery merger and MGM’s sale to Amazon, has signalled this attempt to be made by Netflix soon in coming time, during a panel at the Tribeca X conference last month. It was determined in the panel that various big companies are now approaching towards offering as many products as it can. Be it Spotify offering video with Audio or Netflix offering audio, video as well as gaming products and Amazon offering content on OTT as well almost every sellable product under the sun. If these companies would have stayed limited to doing what they started off, there was no certainty of its survival on such large scale in the present scenario. Along with this Netflix has also waved the flags signalling its move towards podcast content as well in the coming time soon, for which the new hire of N’ Jeri Eaton is on the list.

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