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A Bharat EdTech initiative is being launched by GiveIndia and Sattva collaboration

In this new time when everything has gone online, the new trends of education are also grooming themselves to be fully online and hi-tech to be suited with the current need of education. As kids are now bound to stay at home ever since it’s been more than a year. Since every problem comes up with a solution it is impeding to understand that new Edu-Tech collaborations are going to be a favorite affair for students and education.
Keeping the aspirational ideas of increased demand for EdTech, a lot of ventures are trying their best to create a benchmark in the market. Juxtaposing the same aspirations in the right direction, Bengaluru -based GiveIndia, has launched a new EdTech initiative, with a target to enable online access to education for over 1 million underprivileged school -going children across the country. This a new aspirational project under the banner of Bharat EdTech Initiative, is been inspired and initiated to clear up the digital divide between the demographic gap of students who belonged to two different categories of low-income community and wealth community. So that the loss incurred during the covid-19 can be made up to these children which created a setback during the pandemic due to lack of suitable support and infrastructure.
There are several EdTech community partners involved in this initiative; EI-Mindspark, Topper, Vedantu, Akansha, Bal Utsav, Educate Girls, People for Action, Saajha and Sarathion board. This program is especially designed for school goers and children belonging to classes 3 to 12, with families belonging to income group 25000 or less.
This initiative will bridge the gap between under-privileged and new technologies. With this it will provide an equal access to the latest type of education, for the vulnerable class and girls. This program will cover several languages, Mathematics and science subjects and it will be implemented in two phases. The first phase is targeted to improve engagement for leaning from home-based learning culture till August 2022. This will focus on serving children from key geographical areas for at least 10,000 students. Second phase which is to be started from September 2022 onwards, will be targeted to increase these improvised applied solutions across the country and cover more than 1 million students. In this initiative, GiveIndia is set to manage partner relationships and fund administration, while Sattva will be the design manager and the program partner. Along with that Dell foundation is the anchor founder and fund initiator for this project.
It will be a ray of hope project for many underprivileged children and will also lessen the internet divide as far as possible. Which the biggest need of the time, when being connected online is the only best way possible.


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