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Fake medicines for cancer patients seized: 3 Arrested for the same

A consignment of spurious medicines which was for the cancer patient treatment, was seized from three people in total at Southeast Delhi Jasola Vihar. As per sources it is yet to be confirmed whether the medicines were produced in the foreign country or not. Police said information was received that three people who were allegedly selling fake medicines to the cancer patients at a very high cost.
To catch the trio of this fake medicine selling gang a trap was laid by police in Jasola Vihar. As the gang was not carrying any document or, medicine slip for the medication they carried and they had no answer for such reasons, as per the police. In this course police seized 73 packets of drugs; labelled as Palbocent and Lenvaxin- medications used for treating cancer. Along with those other fake medicines labelled as Osicent, Crizocent and Ibrucent were also seized from the fake medicine selling gang. Later the medicines were checked by the drug officer who declared its quality as doubtful.


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