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Now OTT platforms will be the new advertising platform for advertisers to reach out to their customers

-By ArdorComm Media Bureau

In the coming time, we will be all set to witness advertising taking the hybrid approach, which will comprise mass marketing and utilize traditional channels and hyper-localized and targeted marketing through digital mediums like OTT. While lockdown approached, there was a sudden shutdown of productions of TV shows keeping the social distancing norms in mind and cinemas were shut down too. On the one hand, where there was a steep decline seen for the Indian media and entertainment sector, on the other hand, digital media and online gaming saw tremendous growth. The spending on digital media went more than print, and online gaming overtook cinemas in terms of total spending; this directed the advertisers towards OTT platforms. However, television remained the largest segment, advertising on television went down fast during the lockdown. Whereas the digital advertising market remained stable, traditional advertisers are more inclined towards online or digital channels. Few trends have led advertisers to go towards OTT platforms more and more:
• Content: The OTT players brought a plethora of creative and realistic content on their platter that allured the audience more than ever. As a cherry on top, many traditional Media and Entertainment channels came up with a simultaneous OTT channel to deliver their content online. As users and viewers got the ocean of choices, the viewership line between rational, national, and international became blurred with the increased inclination towards a wide variety and quality content. No doubt, the advertisers saw more potential in the online or OTT market, and they have believed so far that OTT and online platforms are the best platforms to reach out to audiences, and they will provide the maximum reach.
• Digital technology has it all: The speed with which new technologies are approaching the OTT media and entertainments platform. The advertisers have a plethora of choices through geography, demography, behavioral and another first and third party for selective market approach. This opportunity gives advertisers the freedom to customize and personalize the advertisement as per the niche customer market. By using technology and customer profiling, an advertiser can get the perfect blend of customized data to deliver ads that can reach directly to the niche audience.


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