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Multiplex owners claim to face the music and expect to create a more significant gap between OTT and theatre release

Now that the theatres have received a green signal to be functional and open after the COVID-19 pandemic. There are still a lot of challenges being faced by the multiplexes. As OTT platforms have opened new entertainment customs for the audience, it has become quite a task to attract people again towards multiplexes. Keeping these challenges in mind, theatres have decided to demand a doubling of the gap between the theatrical release of movies and its release on the Over-the-Top platform for four to eight weeks from April 2022. This move can bring multiplexes on a loggerhead with the OTT players who have been shrinking the gap between the release of a movie in theatres and on OTT platforms within two to four weeks right after taking off the restrictions of COVID-19 in cinema halls.


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