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IISER Bhopal scientists have found a connection between COVID-19, Diabetes and Ageing

The drugs that have been in use for treating health issues like; diabetes, obesity and ageing can also be used to treat COVID-19, as per a finding by researchers of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Bhopal. It is being claimed that the existing drugs being used to treat diabetes, obesity, and ageing can also potentially be used to treat COVID-19. The review for the same was published to show biomolecular relationships among COVID-19, ageing and diabetes.
Dr. Amjad Husain, Principal Scientist and Chief Executive Officer of the Innovation and Incubation Center for Entrepreneurship (IICE), IISER Bhopal, along with a researcher from the University of Arizona, have claimed that, as an add on to these drugs, some similar, natural existing biomolecules can be explored as a form of potential drugs for the cure of COVID-19. As an effect of COVID-19 can be seen severe in the case of aged people and people who have diabetes, all three conditions are related to oxidative stress and lowering the immune system, and complications that arise from these conditions lead to the onset of various other diseases. Since the time taken to discover new drugs can cost a lot, finding the relationship between effective medicine for other health issues and COVID-19 will help in treatment quickly.


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