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Omicron threat: Andaman & Nicobar Islands also reported the first two cases of Omicron.

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The highly transmissible variant ‘Omicron’ has been rapidly increasing and increased the threat in the country. Omicron cases have now also been detected in UT’s Andaman and Nicobar islands. Variant has seen drastic increase and now spread in 23 states so far including Andaman Nicobar, It has detected its first two cases of Omicron, along with Maharashtra and Delhi topping the charts.

Maharashtra and Delhi have seen astronomical rise in Covid tally and new variant omicron. With that the overall tally in the country has now reached 1270 cases in the country. Maharashtra with a huge surge in omicron cases stands at 450, followed by Maharashtra, Delhi has also seen huge spike had reported 320 cases, Along with that 109 cases have been detected in Kerala,

Distribution of cases across states which so far have detected two digit cases is as follows:
97 cases in Gujarat, 69 in Rajasthan, 62 in Telangana, 46 in Tamil Nadu, 34 in Karnataka, 16 in Andhra Pradesh, 14 in Haryana, 14 in Odisha, 11 in West Bengal.

The states who have recorded comparatively lower cases are as follows: 9 in Madhya Pradesh, 4 in Uttarakhand, 3 in Chandigarh and Jammu & Kashmir and Andaman and Nicobar and one each in Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Manipur, Punjab and Goa.

However, a maximum number of cases have been seen asymptomatic but are under observation to detect any severe symptoms. 125 in Maharashtra have now been discharged, 57 patients discharged in Delhi, 47 in Rajasthan have recovered, and 42 in Gujarat.

The daily cases of Covid in India rose by 27%as the country has seen and surge and reported 16,764 fresh COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours. Health experts on Thursday stated that even though the variant has changed now but the treatment and preventive measure towards it will not change and Informed everyone that it is collective responsibility to have strict adherence towards Covid-Appropriate Behaviour and  follow all  the restrictive measures issued by the Union and State government.

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