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Opposition claims: Government negligence towards the Pegasus issue slowing parliament functioning

-By ArdorComm News Network

The congress government started the session with an allegation of slow-speed functioning in the parliament. The BJP dispensation was said to be responsible for the logjam in the parliament. Later allegations of avoiding the discussion on the same issue were also raised by the opposition. The Pegasus snooping has now become a matter of concern and is affecting the work of parliament adversely. 

The opposition is also in rage from the unexpected behavior. As per their allegation on BJP, during the meeting of the standing committee of Information Technology which was delayed due to a lack of quorum. As government proposed to work out a solution that can allow smooth functioning of parliament. The Congress spokesperson said, “I am making a proclamation here, you start the discussion today and by tomorrow we will discuss everything else. Why are you avoiding Pegasus?”

Source: The Economics Times

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