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New technologies approaching the Human Resource Management

-By AC Media Bureau

The pandemic made us think about the unthinkable and act towards the impossible. Many set rules and patterns were either modified or changed thoroughly. While the work went online, the work management and management of employees went online too. This brought a new trend in human resource management as well. The new trends look out for better and faster actions through new technologies. The whole process right from searching for employees, to recruitment, has gone online. 

A lot of new technologies have approached Human Resource Management. The most liked and used are Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning. The leading organization can see the fruitful impact of adopting these new technologies. There is a variety of digital tools available for the market-leading HR management system. 

  • Virtual Reality: While recruitments went online. The purpose of training its employees by any organization also had to go online. With virtual reality, this became a cakewalk. Now employees are being trained online and provided online feedback and instructions for their new joiners. The feedback can also be shared directly and the status of their improvement can be seen as well. This also opened a new possibility of direct communication and direct attention.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Artificial and Machine learning is a blessing by technology to any industry. In Human Resource to it has helped to cut down to the lethargic and extra miscellaneous tasks by the Human Resource management. Like; Recruitment and acquisition, screening applications, and matching the candidate’s skills with the role requirement. It saved up a lot of time and energy that was earlier wasted in these miscellanies jobs and also helped in the fast processing of recruitment. This not only eased the work on Human Resource management. But also helped the candidates’ lookout for a quick response for further processing. On the other hand, it helps unbiased selection and short listing of employees, which also confirms the selection of employees purely based on their skills and qualification. 
  • Cloud Technology: To be updated is the best thing any organization can do. A hell of a lot of information can be the solution if used well. To keep up with this a lot of organizations are using cloud technology. This technology is encrypted and secured as well as flexible. Once can access it anywhere anytime making it most accessible.  

Automation: In Human Resource Management and on employee teams. Automation is becoming famous to be used day by day. It has reduced the manual processing of the work to a very large extent.  Which allowed an even smooth functioning of the HR administration and it also fasten the speed of the end-to-end process.  The process of recruitment and onboarding processes are smoother and more flexible.

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