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Pfizer and Moderna are in discussions with India in search of solutions for contractual issues: NITI Aayog’s V K Paul

-By ArdorComm News Network

Member of NITI Aayog Dr. V K Paul on Friday said that the discussion of the Indian Government is going on with the vaccine manufacturers Moderna and Pfizer on various issues, including indemnity waiver. He added, “We are in touch with Moderna and Pfizer. The discussion is on hold as it is a process of negotiationand dialogue. We are seeking solutions on contractual and commitment issues. The process, for now, is ongoing”.

Before this, in June, the US-based biotechnology company, Moderna, announced that India had granted permission for its COVID-19 vaccine to be imported into the country for restricted and emergency usage. Whereas Pfizer had not even applied for the and emergency use authorization in the country.


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