Indian Ed-tech sector is expected to boom with a scope of at least ten unicorns

Looking at the pace of the education sector, one can easily say that every year has been the year of education so far. However, the result doesn’t match up with the expectations so far, so well. If we look back, it can be seen evidently that every new technological turning point was relatable to bring in a better change or revolution in education. Be it; radio coming into existence for the first time, Television innovation, or computer entry in people’s life. At present, all the expectations for a significant change in education are dependable on the internet. It is not to be forgotten that education is a fundamental need of all, and something that has to be made available on such a large scale takes time for “disruption.”

  • With the internet, disruption of education has become easy. A lot of good content is available on the internet free of cost and quickly disrupting education. Although, a massive set of public confuses good content with an education company. We all agree education is a lot about the outcomes and learning experiences. On a positive note, we can see many ed-tech companies in India working with good intentions keeping up the spirit of ed-tech trends.
  • A few more themes have been developed in the education sector as the ed-tech market is ruling the trends. A clear theme shift from content access to outcome access can be noticed. Companies now look forward to pouring more attention on strong handholding, leading to precise results for learners. Quality has become a topmost priority than ever before. Not just on an overall basis, but this trend can be seen in various sub-sectors of education. Especially in the professional education space, strong focus by companies is done on jobs and careers outcomes.
  • A strong push towards creating a better distribution channel is being done so far—Companies are on for leveraging offline media for customer acquisition. Byju’s and Toppr are other great examples of the services of home-to-home counseling.
  • Now education is no longer an event but a continuous process as a theme in the ed-tech era. This is more suitable when it comes to professional education space. Earlier education was though to barred with age barrier, once a person crossed 25-30 years continuing education from him/her was not considered a good thing. The rapid changes in education with EdTech approaching so fast. We can see a fast-pacing trend. Constantly learning to improve your professional knowledge through education is become more acceptable and admiring criteria.
  • Education was said to be one of the greatest businesses that never goes out of fashion no matter what. Today new EdTech companies with their latest technical education services are not just providing premium education at your doorsteps. It is also breaking the pricing criteria making education more accessible and price friendly.
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