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PM launches the National Logistics Policy

-By ArdorComm News Network

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Logistics Policy to address difficulties in the transportation sector in an effort to develop the logistics sector. Through a comprehensive multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral, and multi-jurisdictional architecture supported by a strong technological foundation, there will be a seamless interoperability.

He stated that the policy intends to speed up last-mile deliveries, helping businesses save time and money, at a big launch event in Vigyan Bhavan. It aims to address issues affecting the transport industry and reduce company logistics costs from 13–14% to under 10%.

The new strategy, in conjunction with PM GatiShakti’s aim to augment infrastructure, will solve deficiencies, according to him. It tackles issues facing the logistics sector.

India needs to improve its support infrastructure if it wants its products to succeed on international markets. The modernization of the support system is aided by the National Logistics Policy.

According to PM Modi, international experts believe that India is becoming a democratic superpower and are astounded by its remarkable talent ecosystem. “Experts are appreciating India’s determination and progress.”  He claimed that the government is bolstering the logistics industry through technology. E-way bills and FASTag are improving efficiency in the logistics industry, and faceless assessment has begun in customs.

He stated that drones will enhance the logistics industry when discussing the drone policy. He claimed that the government is strengthening the logistics sector through technology. Customs has begun using faceless assessment, and the logistics industry is becoming more efficient due to e-way bills and FASTag.

He added that ports now have a higher carrying capacity and that the turnaround time for container vessels has been shortened from 44 hours to 26 hours. According to him, the Sagarmala project has begun to strengthen logistics connectivity and methodical infrastructure development work by connecting ports and designated freight corridors.

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