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11 new hospitals will improve Delhi’s healthcare infrastructure, according to Sisodia

Manish Sisodia, deputy chief minister, New Delhi, stated on Monday that the 11 new hospitals will improve Delhi’s healthcare system and aid in effectively responding to situations like the Covid pandemic. There will be 10,000 more hospital beds in Delhi’s government-run hospitals due to the development of eleven new hospitals.

In a review meeting with PWD and health department representatives, Sisodia went over the status of the construction works. The deputy chief minister gave instructions to staff to finish all building projects on schedule and to guarantee that quality standards are upheld.

Officials stated during the conference that the majority of the hospitals’ construction will be finished by the end of this year, while the remaining hospitals’ construction will be finished by mid-2023. Sisodia stated that out of the 11 hospitals, four will have a bed capacity of 3,237 and seven semi-permanent ICU hospitals will have a bed capacity of 6,838.

These new hospitals will strengthen Delhi’s health infrastructure and enable millions of Delhiites to get top-notch medical services, according to the minister. “These will prove to be helpful in fighting situations like the COVID pandemic and emergency cases efficiently,” he added.

The Delhi government is building seven new intensive care units (ICU) hospitals throughout the capital to handle emergency and critical situations. According to officials, these hospitals will have a total bed capacity of 6,838 and be semi-permanent. With a capacity of 336 ICU beds, the new ICU hospital being developed in Sarita vihar will offer cutting-edge amenities, including a high-capacity waiting area, registration room, electric room, staff room, emergency room, nurse station, and fire control room on the first floor.

Sisodia looked into the progress of the mohalla clinics during the meeting. According to officials, 12 new mohalla clinics in various parts of Delhi are ready. 52 mohalla clinics are currently being built, in addition to this, in full force.

According to Sisodia, these clinics should open as soon as possible so that locals may access healthcare services. The minister said that more than 500 mohalla clinics, where 70,000 people receive care each day, have been established by the government in various parts of Delhi.

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