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PM Modi addresses the Indian diaspora in Berlin, emphasizes the importance of following the mantra of “minimum government, maximum governance.”

-By ArdorComm News Network

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stated that whenever the world is confronted with a crisis, India comes forward with a solution. He referred to it as New India’s strength. Mr Modi said there is a need to follow the mantra of minimum government and maximum governance while speaking to the Indian community in Berlin, Germany, last night. He emphasised that a country improves when its citizens strive proactively to improve it. He also asserted that he is lowering government burdens and allowing citizens to guide the new India.

On the first part of his trip to three European countries, Prime Minister Modi arrived in Germany yesterday. Addressing the Indian diaspora, Mr Modi stated that reform requires political will. He noted that India now has 68 thousand startups, up from 200 to 400 eight years ago. He claims that India now not only possesses a large number of unicorns, but is also transforming them into Decacorns. According to the Prime Minister, India’s GST collections for the month of April set a new high of 1.68 lakh crore rupees, demonstrating the power of one nation, one tax. He compared India’s current vocal for local campaigns to the Swadeshi Movement during the country’s independence struggle.

Prime Minister Modi co-chaired a Business Round Table in Berlin with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz earlier in the day. The Prime Minister emphasised the broad-based changes that his government has implemented in his remarks. He invited business leaders to invest in India’s youth. High-ranking government officials as well as selected CEOs from both sides attended the event. Climate cooperation, supply chains, research, and development were among the topics discussed.

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