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Skill India to upskill 4000 ISRO technical staffs in next 5 years

-By ArdorComm News Network

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) has signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to upskill the technical workforce at the Department of Space (DOS).

The initiative would establish a formal framework for short-term courses that will provide training for the skill development and capacity building of ISRO technical professionals in India’s space sector, in accordance with industry requirements. Around the next five years, over 4000 ISRO technical staff would be taught under the programme. The training will take place at the National Skill Training Institutes (NSTI) in Bangalore, Chennai, Calicut, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, which are all run by MSDE.

The training program’s goal is to improve the technical skills of diverse technical professionals working in ISRO centres and units under DOS. MSDE’s state-of-the-art training institutes across the country will provide training in specialised disciplines to improve employees’ skill sets in line with the latest industry trends and requirements.

According to the MoU, ISRO will collaborate with MSDE and the affiliated NSTI to develop a detailed training calendar, curriculum, and syllabus to meet the program’s larger goals. ISRO would give the participants with their training equipment. MSDE will establish labs, workshops, classrooms, specimens, and other training facilities in cooperation with the Capacity Building Programme Office (CBPO) to efficiently carry out the programme at identified NSTI.

MSDE will be in charge of the program’s overall management and complete supervision in order to ensure its successful execution. “These training programmes will enable technical personnel to embrace and augment cutting-edge technology, thereby elevating India’s standing in the space domain,” said Rajesh Aggarwal, secretary, MSDE.

The MoU was signed by Rajesh Aggarwal, secretary MSDE and S. Somanath, secretary Department of Space/ Chairman ISRO, in the presence of TVLN Rao, RD, RDSDE, Karnataka; Kumarvel, DD, RDSDE, Karnataka; Parveen Kumar, DD, DGT; C Ravi, director, CFI, DGT; Manish Gupta, assistant director, MSDE; N. Sudheer Kumar, director, CBPO, ISRO; and Nishant Kumar, deputy director, ISRO. The same will be valid for a period of five years.

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