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PM Modi advises students in Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023 to adopt ‘digital fasting’, learn time management from mothers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday encouraged students to practise “digital fasting,” or limiting screen time, once a week, during the sixth edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha. Digital fasting will “reconnect students with family members,” according to the prime minister.

He advised not using any technological devices in one area of the house and designating it as a “no technology zone.”

In response to a question from a student on how to concentrate on studies without being distracted by social media, he said, “I believe students are smarter than smartphones to analyse its right usage. We should monitor our usage and utilise it smartly as per our need.”

The prime minister advised the students to avoid becoming enslaved by the technology. “Say to yourself that you are an independent person, make the best of technology but also limit yourself to only that,” he said.

In response to a student’s question on time management, PM asked students to observe their mothers and learn how to manage time. “Have you ever observed your mother’s time management skills? A mother never feels burdened by the immense work she does. If you observe your mother, then you will understand how to manage your time well,” he said.

Students from across the nation took part in the event, which was hosted at Talkatora Stadium.

At the occasion, where the prime minister spoke with students about overcoming exam stress, about 2000 students, teachers, and parents took part. More than 38 lakh registrations were reported this year, which is twice as many as in 2022.

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