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PM Modi arrives in Tokyo for a two-day visit to attend the Quad Summit and meet with Japanese business leaders and the Indian diaspora

Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in Tokyo early this morning for a two-day visit to attend the Quad Leaders’ Summit.

The Indian diaspora greeted Mr Modi with a resounding welcome at the hotel where he will be staying during his tour. When the Prime Minister arrived, people from the Indian diaspora shouted and waved Indian flags. Many children were gathered at the hotel, waiving their hands in greeting of the Prime Minister’s arrival. Children were spotted waving posters that read “Welcome” in various Indian languages. The Prime Minister also spoke with one of the children there and gave him an autograph.

Prime Minister Modi expressed gratitude to the Indian diaspora in Japan for their warm welcome. He added in a tweet that Japan’s Indian community had made groundbreaking contributions in various fields. They have also remained connected to their roots in India, said Mr Modi.

PM Modi will hold bilateral meetings with US President Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in addition to attending the Quad Summit tomorrow.

Mr Modi will meet with Japanese business leaders and the Indian diaspora today.

Since their first virtual meeting in March of last year, the Quad leaders will meet for the fourth time. Quad brings together four countries dedicated to a free, open, and inclusive Indo-Pacific. Quad leaders have proposed ambitious projects in sectors such as COVID and global health, infrastructure, climate, people-to-people exchanges, education, cyber security, and space exploration.

Continued cooperation on COVID response and post-COVID economy and health infrastructure management are equally critical. Vaccines have been supplied to Cambodia and Thailand as part of the Quad Vaccine Partnership. The leaders will discuss the progress of Quad efforts, identify new areas of cooperation, and provide strategic guidance for future collaboration at the Summit.

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