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UGC to revise draft learning outcome norms to align with NSQF

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The University Grants Commission (UGC) has decided to make minor changes to the draft regulations, which, once adopted, will define the learning outcomes associated with each level of higher education qualification and allow for credit transfer across institutions and courses.

Prof M Jagadesh Kumar, the chairperson of the UGC, said that the commission decided to revise the draft regulations, which were made public in January, to maintain equivalence with the country’s technical education guidelines.

Simply said, the National Higher Education Qualifications Framework (NHEQF), which is currently being revised, establishes what a learner should know after completing a course, which can range from certificate programmes to PhDs.

It also establishes the minimum credits required for a student to pass a course and advance to the next level. The qualifications were initially organised on a scale of five to ten in the draft NHEQF. “However, the above is not in tune with the NSQF in which the levels are organised from 4.5 to 8. Since UGC’s draft NHEQF has levels from 5 to 10 as explained above, it will create operational problems for the vertical and horizontal mobility of learning by prescribing the entry requirement for each qualification, prerequisites for lateral entry, and validation of prior learning outcomes achieved,” said Prof Kumar.

As a result, the NHEQF will use the 4.5 to 8 scale, he stated. Prof Kumar added that the UGC will convene a series of meetings with university administrators beginning May 25 to discuss the plan to revise the draft.

The updated scale was created in accordance with the proposed four-year undergraduate programme structure, which will provide students with several entry and exit choices, allowing them to earn anything from a certificate to a degree with research depending on how many semesters they complete.

Source: Indian Express

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