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PM Modi Highlights India’s Inclusive Tech Initiatives and Global Impact

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In an interview with a news agency, Prime Minister Modi discussed how India’s digital public infrastructure is promoting social inclusion and democratizing technology. He emphasized that India’s efforts have gained global recognition and are paving the way for a broader global movement.

Prime Minister Modi highlighted the success of the CoWIN initiative, which facilitated the world’s largest vaccine drive, providing over 200 crore free doses. The platform, CoWIN, was even made open source for other countries to adopt.

Referring to the UPI initiative, Modi noted that digital transactions are empowering businesses of all sizes, from street vendors to major banks, and contributing to financial inclusion.

He praised India’s Digital Public Infrastructure for its role in delivering public services during the pandemic, citing the Jan Dhan-Aadhar-Mobile (JAM) Trinity’s effectiveness in ensuring financial inclusion and benefit transfers.

Modi also mentioned the ONDC e-commerce initiative, which is seen as a significant step in democratizing digital platforms and creating a level playing field.

He discussed the adoption of India’s digital public infrastructure by the G20 forum, which has established principles for a secure digital economy and laid the foundation for the One Future Alliance to coordinate global efforts in this regard.

Prime Minister Modi highlighted the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission’s impact on healthcare service delivery and India’s commitment to global health through the G20’s Global Digital Health Initiative.

He stressed India’s approach of using technology to promote inclusion and equality, turning it into a force for good.

Modi also addressed the government’s efforts to enhance cybersecurity, acknowledging the challenges posed by technology in combating illicit financial activities and terrorism.

The Prime Minister celebrated India’s achievements across various domains, including the space sector, startups, sports, and education, expressing optimism about India’s economic prospects in the near future.

This interview provides valuable insights into India’s efforts to leverage technology for social inclusion and global cooperation.

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