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News on Health 5th Sept 2023 ArdorComm Media Group U-Win Portal Revolutionizes Routine Immunization Records
News on Health 5th Sept 2023 ArdorComm Media Group U-Win Portal Revolutionizes Routine Immunization Records

U-Win Portal Revolutionizes Routine Immunization Records

-By ArdorComm News Network

The government is gearing up to introduce the ‘U-Win’ portal, modelled after the successful Co-Win COVID-19 vaccine management system. This new platform is aimed at maintaining a digital registry of routine immunizations as part of the Universal Immunization Programme (UIP). Currently, the U-Win initiative is undergoing a pilot phase in two districts of each state and Union Territory.

The U-Win portal, similar to Co-Win, was initially launched on January 11 in 65 districts nationwide. At present, UIP vaccination records are managed manually, but U-Win will eliminate the need for physical records. It will facilitate the digitization of session planning and provide real-time updates on vaccination statuses. This will address challenges posed by multiple vaccines and doses, as well as the absence of an individual tracking mechanism. Furthermore, it aims to raise awareness among beneficiaries regarding session details, locations, and dates, especially in urban areas, while also addressing disparities in immunization coverage among states and Union Territories.

A significant issue to tackle is the lack of record-keeping for immunizations administered at private health facilities. U-Win seeks to become the centralized repository for immunization service information, encompassing pregnancy details, newborn registrations, and vaccinations at birth. The system will also maintain live updates on vaccination statuses, delivery outcomes, and the planning of routine immunization sessions. It aims to provide personalized tracking for pregnant women and newborns, sending reminders for upcoming doses and following up on dropouts.

The U-Win platform will empower healthcare workers and program managers with real-time data on routine immunization sessions and vaccine coverage, facilitating better planning and distribution. Additionally, it will offer information on upcoming sessions in specific areas for the following month and a list of beneficiaries due for vaccination. Pregnant women and children will receive vaccine acknowledgments and immunization cards linked to their Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA ID). States and districts will have access to a common database for efficient tracking and vaccination of beneficiaries. Citizens can also check nearby routine immunization sessions and book appointments through the platform.

Lastly, all electronic vaccination certificates, similar to COVID vaccination certificates, will include pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

As of August 28, U-Win has registered over 6.8 million beneficiaries and digitally tracked more than 13 million vaccine doses. This includes registrations for 33,58,770 infants aged 0-1 years, 20,98,338 children aged 1-5 years, and 14,20,708 pregnant women, with 1,32,60,903 doses being tracked digitally.

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