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Flipkart Boosts Infrastructure and Workforce for Expansion

Flipkart is actively pursuing its expansion plans by investing in infrastructure and building a highly skilled workforce. The company aims to utilize its Kirana delivery program for over 40% of its shipping operations.

To support this initiative, Flipkart has increased its infrastructure by more than 19 lakh square feet in various states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Telangana. New hires are undergoing comprehensive training tailored to their roles, including knowledge about supply chain processes, scanners, handheld devices, mobile applications, point-of-sale machines, and other relevant technologies.

This strategy not only involves physical expansion but also focuses on developing a skilled workforce capable of efficiently managing the complexities of the supply chain. Flipkart’s commitment to training its employees in advanced technology and providing them with the necessary tools reflects its dedication to streamlining the delivery process and ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Additionally, the expansion of warehousing space in key Indian states signifies a strategic move to strengthen Flipkart’s storage and distribution capabilities. With this expansion and a well-trained workforce, Flipkart is poised for growth and enhanced efficiency as it continues to compete in the online retail landscape.

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