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Prof Amit Jain
Prof Amit Jain

Prof Amit Jain, President (Vice Chancellor), Amity University, Jaipur emphasizes on industry engagement initiatives

“This industry advisory board meets every six months to review our curriculum, to review our pedagogy, to give us feedback on the types of program we should introduce,” says Prof Amit Jain, President (Vice Chancellor), Amity University, Jaipur in an interview with Chandan Anand, CEO & Group Editor, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘ArdorComm New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2022’ #ELSAJaipur #ELSARajasthan

I would like to understand more about your University, what they are doing in Jaipur, Rajasthan?

In Amit University, Rajasthan we have a beautiful 150-acre campus and we are offering more than 65 programs so anything that you can think of in terms of management, architecture, design, law, fashion we have everything under our umbrella, we have 200 plus faculty members.

How has the traditional education got transformed into digital education, until what level it is implemented in your universities?

We believe in technology adoption and in terms of our curriculum and programs also we were the first one to introduce a cyber security program, we were the first one to introduce MBA with a full specialization in digital marketing. We have our specializations in AI, machine learning, clouds in our Btech programs. So, we always believe in remaining at the forefront of the technology and utilize the best advantage.

What are the initiatives which is been taken in your University for industry engagements?

For every school or every program, we have our industry advisory board and the composition is very interesting the board is chaired by a senior industry person not the academic director the director happens to be the co-chair. There is an alumni as member of that board who is already in the industry and there are a couple of members from the industry and this industry advisory board meets every six months to review our curriculum, to review our pedagogy, to give us feedback on the types of program we should introduce and the kind of programs that I talked about in terms of cyber security, data science, AI-ML, digital marketing, most of these programs were result of feedback from the industry.

We have gathered at the event New Normal Education Leadership Summit what does the word new normal for you stands?

I must congratulate ArdorComm for organizing this because you are redefining lot of things and you are redefining this new normal in education. As I can see many edutech companies are here because these companies are the backbone of modern education now, because the new normal definitely will be a blended approach towards learning which is independent of time, location, space constraints and more a demand driven education rather than a supply driven education. I’m a professor of marketing and we believe in sense and respond philosophy and I believe new normal talks about sensing what the market needs and then responding to it through your programs, through your courses and curriculum.

What should be an outcome of forums like this where we have the technology partners, academia, industry leaders and even the government representation, how does certain program help the community?

Definitely these kinds of deliberations are very important to chart out a way to visualize the future and to create a roadmap for all of us who are the stakeholders in the education system be it the media companies, be it the education service providers, be it technology platforms we all have to come together in this new normal and then only we will be able to deliver full satisfaction to the students.

ArdorComm Media Group is a media startup and it has been one and a half years of successful existence, any message or advice would you like to give to ArdorComm Media Group?

Good wishes to you Chandan ji and Ashish ji for this wonderful initiative and I’m sure your company will grow by leaps and bounds and you’ve done a good job by bringing all these stakeholders together in form of this particular ELSA Summit, congratulations and best wishes to you.


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