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Prof Dr. Arvind Kumar Agrawal
Prof Dr. Arvind Kumar Agrawal

Prof Dr. Arvind Kumar Agrawal, President (Vice Chancellor), Nirwan University, Rajasthan shares his views on the term new normal

“New normal is a challenge and we have to devise ways to improve further and further and to perfect it because this is just beginning,” says Prof Dr. Arvind Kumar Agrawal, President (Vice Chancellor), Nirwan University, Rajasthan in an interview with Chandan Anand, CEO & Group Editor, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘ArdorComm New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2022’ #ELSAJaipur #ELSARajasthan

What are the takeaways of this event for you?

Well before I talk about it I would like to introduce my colleague Dr. N.D. Jasuja, he’s our Dean, Professor and Joint Register. Yes, I would say that the takeaway from this whole event is first of all I came to know a lot many companies, edtech companies which I was not aware of and also, I could explore opportunities where I could help my students my faculty and my universities curriculum development using these company’s software’s and their expertise. Secondly, I could also communicate with my fellow participants who are from other academic assignments in different universities either as Vice Chancellor or as Pro Vice Chancellor or as a senior officials or academicians of other universities and we could exchange notes on what new experiments they are doing and what we are doing and that was a very fruitful interaction I enjoyed a lot and I think it would help us developing a synergy to move forward.

Dr. Jasuja, would also like to hear from you what was your take away from this forum?

First, I must congratulate to you for organizing such an important event and in fact a few days back UGC has issued one notification to have credit based revised framework in which they have also encouraged to have industrial linkage and this whole program is based on the linkage of Industry 4.0 futuristic education. So, I must appreciate your initiative and you should go ahead for this and interact with more universities to have collaboration and motivate students to place them in good industry.

What weightage would you give to skills when it comes to in comparison to the conventional courses?

See, when I attended today’s panel prominent dignitaries clearly indicated that earlier education was transferring the information only it was to provide the information to the students. Nowadays, it is not like education we can provide information along with skilling, if we upskill our students they will definitely get independent and placed in a good industry.

Dr. Arvind, any initiative which under your leadership has been taking care to include more of the industry visits or the industry exposure for your students?

We are collaborating for example with banks with other Industries, we have already made a move. Since this University is very new it’s a nascent University so it will take some time but I’m sure and now we have come to know about your initiatives so I am quite hopeful that very soon we would join hands together and we would find you in our campus and we would do something together to contribute to the cause of higher education and also to help students and faculty.

As we have all gathered for New Normal Education Leadership Summit and Awards what does the word new normal for you stands?

Well this is a challenge it’s not just a new normal it’s a challenge, it’s a challenge in the world which has taken a shape after COVID 19. So, it’s basically fusion of ICT that is internet-based communication technology, information technology and education because these two years have been very tough for our students for parents and for teachers. So, this new technology how it can blend and help students’ institutions and parents because after all our nation will stop if education stops and it will it will be really disastrous. So, new normal is a challenge and we have to devise ways to improve further and further and to perfect it because this is just beginning.

As a media start-up we have seen many leaps and bounds from pandemic till now any message or any advice would you like to give to other ArdorComm Media Group?

I would simply say that be focused and move ahead, you are doing wonderful work the only thing I would say just please try to add some humane touch which is very much needed between teacher and taught relationship to inculcate in the cultural values of academics among our students through your media company and wherever and in whatever form you can contribute. I wish you good luck.


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