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Prof. M. Muruganant, Provost, Adani University, Ahmedabad emphasizes on exposure of students for entrepreneurship

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“We do see this is the reason, we keep maintaining that we are not an education institution just for employment but it is for empowerment,” says Prof. M. Muruganant, Provost, Adani University, Ahmedabad in an interview with Chandan Anand, Founding Editor, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘ArdorComm New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2022’ #ELSAGujarat #ELSAAhmedabad

Would like to understand more about your university, what your university is doing how its multi-disciplinary and in multi divisions you are working?

See we being I would say Green Field University we’re fairly new into the university world and so we had the leverage of implementing NEP modules from the very start itself. Multi-disciplinary as we see we have several disciplines which find confluence but we have programs not just as a degree programs but research programs wherein the students can take projects at the boundaries of disciplines so that the disciplinary boundaries can be blurred off and it can be transdisciplinary and the other the best point of our university is that we also get projects live from corporate and so any problem is always transdisciplinary a problem is never a disciplinary problem right and so we find a confluence there.

As most of the curriculum or the pedagogy which we see is driving, wants to become a normal a professional employee what about giving an exposure to the students opting for entrepreneurship?

We do see this is the reason we keep maintaining that we are not an education institution just for employment but it is for empowerment. Yes, when we say we are for empowering individuals and empowered individuals can be a perfect employee or become a perfect employer and the employers are the ones whom we call as entrepreneurs because they actually take to innovative ways and means to start addressing societal problems right and that is something which from the day one of entering our institution we encourage for them to deal with societal problems and start handling that. So, in that way a new approach of engagement and then contribution happens.

In what ways Industry ready curriculum is important and what ways you are implementing that in your university?

Okay see what happens is when the student from the time the student is onboarded they start interacting with Industries and they have several engagements it could be internships it could be projects or they could be actually working with real-time projects and that’s a big benefit that we have that we have huge businesses across diverse portfolios and the students can choose which portfolio actually they want to go and work. It could be infrastructure it could be energy it could be technology it could be you know Healthcare or Advanced Manufacturing Systems. We have it all running in businesses including our focus is sustainability and so we are a huge contributor to Green energy right and the renewable energy solar energy so students get to see it all happening whether it is sports or the transport industry everywhere.

As the event names also shows that it’s a New Normal Education Leadership Summits and Awards, how would you define new normal?

New Normal is not just employment it’s empowerment, all right so I keep maintaining the stand that when we are focused on translating information to implementation and we transcend the silos of disciplines and mental conditionings and we enable transformation of the student as a person and their contribution to the nation through the societal transformation. So, the 3T model which I always advocate which is translation then transcending and transformation. This are the three principal models which is already finding expression in our system and that’s a new normal I would say where technology finds natural confluence in the presence and we have sustainability.

I’m happy and glad to share that we recently celebrated our first anniversary and the year of existence of one and a half years has been very thrilling very exciting especially in this covid times, any message would you like to give for ArdorComm Media Group?

Well such platforms enable us to come together on the various portfolios, from Industries and Academia or the policy makers now we come together on this platform and we meet greet and not stop there but then we have a joint collaboration happening. The first point here again is cooperation that happens in such platforms and that’s exactly what you guys are creating you know a platform for cooperation to start and then we start collaborating. So, this is a seed place where we start cooperating right and I wish many more such events you make and more focused events also would be great.

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