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Amazon to offer voluntary layoff scheme

-By ArdorComm News Network

An internal memo from Amazon claims that the tech giant has made voluntary layoffs available to some employees. CNBC has looked at the confidential document.

Employees in numerous departments, including human resources and employee services, have received the voluntary severance offer.

For individuals who accept this offer, three months of compensation will be given in addition to one week’s pay for every six months of employment.

Employees who choose this voluntary severance will also receive a 12-week payment that can be used to lower COBRA premiums, as well as the continuation of their insurance through the end of December.

Employees have until November 29 to accept this offer, and they have till December 5 to decline it if they change their minds.

Amazon will pick who stays and who departs after this. For those whose resignations would be accepted, will be informed next month, and their last working day will be December 23.

The severance payment marks the start of the 10,000 staff layoffs that the company announced last week. It appears that the company is giving individuals some time before sacking them because a large number of people have reportedly been urged to find another job within the next two months.

It appears that the company has also let go of staff members from departments including Alexa, retail, and human resources.

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