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Professor Ram Kumar Kakani took charge as Director of IIM Raipur

Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani took over charge as Director of the Indian Institute of Management Raipur from Prof. Bharat Bhasker. During his tenure, Prof. Bharat Bhasker was influential in the growth of IIM Raipur, which ascended to 15th place in the NIRF ranking of B-schools in India.

Prof. Kakani was previously the Head of the Center for Governance at IIM Kozhikode, and he was contacted by India’s premier public administration institution, LBSNAA Mussoorie, for an assessment of IAS officials’ training needs. Prof. Kakani taught at XLRI Jamshedpur and has worked as a professor in Denmark, Nigeria, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. Prof. Kakani has also served as the Director of the National Center for Leadership Development and Competency Assessment of the Indian government.

Prof. Kakani provided the following thoughts on the future expansion and developments in management education:

  1. Enhance the quality of management education, elevating it and delivering it as a premium model,
  2. Enhance international linkages, attracting highly talented faculty of international standing and administrative colleagues to the Institute,
  3. Work closely with the Government towards strengthening its governance efficiency as well as effectiveness and also its various development as well as welfare programmes,
  4. Work closely with the Small and Medium Enterprises in Chhattisgarh towards turning them around and their reengineering;
  5. Launch new programmes on hitherto unexplored areas such as Mining Management, as Chhattisgarh is a mineral rich state and accounts for a large share in country’s mineral production.

Prof. Kakani began his professional career as a corporate technocrat before transitioning to higher education, where he specialised in Finance-Performance-Strategy. With publishers such as Cambridge, Sage, Routledge, and McGraw-Hill, he has co-authored a number of works in the fields of finance and public administration. He is an active case writer and researcher.

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