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PVR Inox takes a new initiative, launches Trailer Screening Show

The biggest movie theatre chain in India, PVR INOX, has introduced a new initiative whereby it will broadcast 10 handpicked upcoming films’ trailers on a big screen. Through this initiative, the company hopes to increase footfall.

Trailers for upcoming Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional films will be screened for 30 minutes. Starting on April 7th, the show will be shown at PVR and INOX multiplexes nationwide. According to the firm, the Trailer Screening Show will provide the ideal opportunity for movie fans to remain updated on the newest entertainment trends.

At the launch of the 30-minute Trailer Screening Show, PVR INOX Co-CEO Gautam Dutta stated,  “With the launch of our 30-minute Trailer Screening Show, we aim to present our viewers with a short, power-packed snackable entertainment offering on the big screen at a price as low as Re. 1.”

“This first-of-its-kind content offering is for every cinephile who wants to watch a quick screening of their favourite upcoming movie trailers whilst sitting comfortably and binging on delicious snacks. In addition, it is not heavy on the pocket too. We invite movie lovers from all over the country to enjoy this eccentric cinema experience.”

All the big theatres are showing The Trailer Screening Show during prime times. Using the PVR or INOX website or app, tickets can be purchased for the show.

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