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IIT Delhi organizes two-day annual career fest 

The annual Pravritti 2023 career festival, with the theme “Expanding Horizons,” is taking place on April 14 and 15 at IIT Delhi. This year’s festival seeks to give students a place to explore new employment prospects and gain perspectives and insightful information on a variety of career paths from industry leaders in a wide range of industries.

With the help of this programme, students will be able to interact with and comprehend the cultures of local, national, and multinational organisations. It makes an effort to give students the ability to perceive and compare various recruiters from various industries, as well as to learn and develop their capabilities through competitions and workshops.

In order to attract IIT Delhi students during the festival, the university reports that some 50 organisations have expressed interest and would visit the campus in person or digitally.

As of March 2023, pre-fest activities have already begun to get students ready for the event. To further assist students in maximising their career options, webinars, mock interviews, and other competitions were also held. Events following the fest are also being planned to give the students further help and guidance.

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