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Rajasthan Govt to regularise 1.10 lakh contractual workers

-By ArdorComm News Network

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has paved the way for the regularisation of contractual workers employed in various ministries throughout the state government by giving his approval to the execution of the “Rajasthan Contractual Hiring to Civil Post Rules, 2022.” Over 1.10 lakh contract workers will benefit from the action and receive social security as a result.

When it comes to the hiring of contract workers, there will be more transparency if this Rule is put into effect. Reservation-related issues will also be considered during the hiring process. The central and state governments’ welfare and social security programmes have benefited greatly from the efforts of contract workers, but little has been done to safeguard their social security.

While many committees were established to regularise the state government’s contract workers, their concerns were not finally settled. The CM had announced the establishment of a department-specific cadre of contractual employees in the state budget for 2021–2022, as well as a 20% raise in their pay in the budget for 2022–2023.

According to a government announcement, the adoption of the Rule will help the approximately 41,423 contractual staff working in the education department, including shiksha karmis, para-teachers, gram panchayat assistants, and MG English medium teachers.

A total of 1,18,326 Rajivika and MNREGA employees working for the rural development and panchayati raj departments will also benefit from it, as will 5,697 madrassa para-teachers employed by the minority welfare department and 44,833 contract workers employed by the medical and health departments as well as the medical education department.

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