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Request initiated by private Management of Private schools to give some relaxation in fee fixation; to the Andhra Pradesh government

-By ArdorComm News Network

The management of the private school in the state of Andhra Pradesh has initiated a request to its government to allow relaxations in the fee fixation rules for the sake of helping the already burdened sectors and for the survival of the budget private schools. Since the school has been facing a shutdown due to covid-9 for the past 18 months, there are a lot of financial crises being faced by these schools lately, due to the covid-19 pandemic. Keeping in mind, the need of the hour as per the current situation of these schools, the President of National Independence school alliance (NISA) Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma, mentioned, “As per the total revenue of the private schools in India has fallen from Rs 15 lakh to 7.5 lakh crores. Among these almost 80 % of schools are low-budget private schools. Lately, they have been under a lot of burdens due to financial stress with EMIs for buses, insurance, loans from financiers, teacher’s salary, ESI, property tax, bill, etc.”
Sharma Added,” the fee fixation rules in Andhra Pradesh have become more troublesome while there was a shutdown of schools seen due to covid-19. The autonomy of private sectors has been violated in many areas. Hence, it has become important now that some relaxation in fee fixation rules shall be given by the Andhra Pradesh government. That will help these private schools to catch up with the losses incurred during the pandemic.


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