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Schools, colleges to resume in Orissa from Feb 7

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With the Covid cases beginning to decrease in the state, the Odisha government has chosen to resume schools and colleges across the state from February 7.

The declaration was made by Chief Secretary Suresh Chandra Mohapatra at a press conference on February 3. He declared that actual classes for students from Class 8 to 12, colleges, universities, and other specialized instructive establishments will return from February 7.

Classes for students from KG to 7 are planned to return from February 14, said the Chief Secretary.

This declaration has come to a couple of days after the Odisha Higher Education office needed to give an authoritative explanation against a fake notification that had been circling on the web. “A fake letter is circulating in social media purportedly conveying decision of Higher Education Department to reopen colleges and universities from 10th Feb’2022. It is hereby clarified that no such decision has been taken by the state government,” the department clarified on social media platform, Twitter.

The fake notification had asserted that the office chose to resume the higher instructive establishments from February 10. The explanation was given on January 31, 2022.

As the Omicron cases were on an increase, the Odisha government had chosen to close all schools, colleges, and other instructive organizations with the exception of the clinical colleges/nursing colleges and foundations heavily influenced by the Health and Family Welfare office will be shut for actual participation on January 7.

Source: PTI

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