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Seven HR Tech startups that have transformed the human Industry thoroughly

-By ArdorComm Media Bureau

Human Resource as its name, only defines itself as the business of people and the people who drive businesses. Still, this Industry appears at ease with budding technology as the new generation start as are all set to deliver a competitive edge for the employees. Here is the list of the seven startups who are driving the HR world with their technology automation:

  • Humaans: Humaan is an (HRIS) Human Resource Information System that will help the HR team onboard, manage and grow their employees by having a faster workflow, automation and quick access to data.
  • Credly: New York-based digital credential company helps the world speak a common language regarding people’s knowledge, skills and abilities. Many organizations are taking the help of Credly to translate individuals learning experiences into professional opportunities.
  • Appraisal: It is a performance management system that lets the organizations move from a single annual assessment to a continuous employee discussion using a simple employee-first interface.Its uniqueness lies in its ability to fit in with its own culture and ways of doing things.
  • Enterprise Alumni: As a startup, this firm is engaged in strengthening the employee networks of some of the world most prominent companies. Enterprise Alumni helps these companies use their vast untapped pool of people as a source of high-quality recruitment, marketing, sales and community. Currently, this startup is serving clients like; Nestle, P&G and HSBC. To date, the total investment in this business has been made toil $15 million from top venture funds.
  • TravelTime platform: It is expected that people plan their travel not based on distance but rather based on time. This importance of time also applies to a daily commutation to work. The TravelTime Platform is an APIand Analytics tool that allows users to search for location data in minutes rather than miles. It has been proven valuable to recruitment sectors by showing the list of easily reachable jobs for candidates in terms of time but in terms of distance.
  • Intro: Most of the time, hiring an employee is preferred through some reference. This way, Intro builds confidence on the employee side and employer side and gives an assurance of the long stability of employees in that particular job. Intro simplifies the process of companies to connect with qualified employees within their employee social and professional network. This employee referral program uses machine learning to match relevant talent with the open positions, letting employees reach out to their contacts.
  • Personio: Personio is an HR, recruiting, and payroll platform which has digitized the HR department of 2000 SME customers to date in almost 40 countries. The innovation SaaS solution combines all the core features of HR in the digital tool, which simplifies the management of things for HR managers and business leaders, like; attendance data, absence and salaries consistently.


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