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Sneha Rathor, CEO, Sanfort Group of Schools on combating the challenges imposed on the pre-schools during pandemic

We could not think that a three-year-old could probably learn from a screen says Sneha Rathor, CEO, Sanfort Group of Schools in an interview with Chandan Anand, Founding Editor, ArdorComm Media Group.

How do you perceive the word new normal as?

I think off course after the pandemic new normal is going to be, like we talk about blended learning, talk about bringing more innovation in the classroom and we talk about that the learning would never stop no matter what comes our way in the future. Earlier we used to always say that technology is going to come in the classroom but we as human beings were not able to adapt to it but thanks to covid because of which all of us were forced to adapt the technology and finally full fledgedly every teacher and every child is now very much a technology prone person and that’s going to be the future of education, that’s going to be a new way for learning which is going to make the children great leaders also and great innovators also.

As you are seeing that the situation was not favorable especially for the pre-schools and the schools during this time, under your leadership how did you took this as a challenge and sailed off?

When the pandemic hit, just like anybody else we were also taken aback because in K-12s we were of course very prompt to start classes because the teachers were technology prone and the children were also able to adapt technology. But specially for the preschoolers, for the younger kind it was a big challenge for us how to continue the education. We could not think that a three-year-old could probably learn from a screen, but yes as a brand as a leading brand of India, Sanfort took this courage of putting everything online so probably within 20 days we made all our pre-schools around India to online mode. We had our own app, we had also recorded the sessions so that children who are not able to attend classes due to their parent’s busy schedule, they can see the recorded sessions also. So, in whatever way that we could go online we tried everything and it turned out to be really well, I’m really proud that the parents really appreciated the school’s effort.

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