New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2022, Bengaluru

-By ArdorComm News Network

If we look at the present scenario, right from universities, to colleges, to schools, everyone is engaged in digital learning. How does the future look like for education? As we all know, we are already in the digital era, so where does innovation go from here? As one of the fastest growing media company in India, ArdorComm Media Group is here to explore the possibilities of innovation in education, the future trends and the existing scenario to propel necessary discussions between major education, tech and government stakeholders.

What changed the traditional methods of education in India? The old methods of teaching and learning have been under the scanner since a long time. The market for innovation and leveraging tech in education was already being tested and explored. However, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, education in India underwent a 360-degree spin. All educational and administrative activities went digital and virtual.

By now, urban India and some sectors of rural areas are comfortable with digital learning, virtual and hybrid classes and online exams. The new challenge is to take the existing digital education scenario in India global. The time has come to question certain paradigms of the digital model. The society wants to know if democratization of education can take place in the country with equal job opportunities for everyone. It is the need of the hour to understand how physical and extra-curricular activities are the need of new normal.

To discuss the multiple key questions that are clouding the minds of all stakeholders involved in the education sector, the New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2022, Bengaluru will act as a host and a platform to update all partners and the audience about the latest trends and the upcoming innovations. The event also aims to celebrate leading educators and institutions who have made a significant impact to raise the bar of education to achieve a new high.

Let us take you through the paramount event itinerary designed to evoke curiosity amongst the varied audiences.

The New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2022, Bengaluru will grace the floor on 7th & 8th January 2022. The Summit’s theme will focus on ‘Empowering Education Community with Socio-Digital Transformation & 21st-century skills in VUCA World’ . In the Summit, ArdorComm Media would like to honour the trend setters, innovators, education leaders, institutions and organizations that have been providing excellence and outstanding accomplishment in the education sector; despite the tough times we faced since last two years. The event will be a congregation of leaders from apex government bodies, academicians and educators from universities, colleges, engineering institutes, B-schools, K-12 & pre-schools, experts from corporate, EdTech companies & start-ups. The scope of the event extends to deliberating, showcasing and presenting the best and next practices in school, higher, skill and technical education.

Key Discussion Points of Day 1 of the Event:

Higher Education

  • The Rise of Lifelong Learning in the ‘New Normal’ Era
  • Bridging the Urban-Rural Digital Divide Through Mobilizing Technology
  • The Importance of Transnational Programmes in the Internationalization of Higher Education
  • How Can R&D & Innovation Play a Central Role in Economic Growth & Job Creation

Key Discussion Points of Day 2 of the Event:

School Education

  • Redefining The Role Of Schools And Education In The New Normal
  • Can Group Analysis and Social Interactions Flourish In a Virtual/Hybrid Education Ecosystem?
  • Digital Textbooks Vs Regular Textbooks
  • Physical & Extra-curricular activities vital for holistic development

The key highlights of the event are:

  • Days – 2
  • Sessions – 10+
  • Speakers – 80+
  • Schools – 100+
  • Higher Education Institutions – 100+
  • Government Dignitaries – 10+
  • Corporate – 25+
  • Edtech Startups – 25+

The event awaits your response to collaborate with many more leading stakeholders from different education and tech sectors.

The New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2022, Bengaluru will the most jam-packed education event as we enter the new year. Join us in a journey to achieve socio-digital transformation in the Indian education scenario to take it across a global stage.

Register for the event now! (Click here for the registration link)

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