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Prakash S

Dr. Prakash S.


Sr. Vice President
East Point Group of Institutions

Dr. Prakash.S holds the distinguished position of Senior Vice President at East Point Group of Institutions in Bengaluru, where he leads the entire institution group at the top management level. His remarkable career features key leadership roles, including Vice President at Mohan Babu University, Executive Director at Chandigarh University, and Dean and Professor at Dayananda Sagar University. He commenced his career at NIIT Ltd, gaining valuable experience in the early stages. Dr. Prakash is a recipient of several prestigious awards, including the “Outstanding Educationist” recognition for his significant contributions to technical training for the youth of Karnataka by the ICON Indian Business Awards. He has also received the “BEST EDUCATOR Award” from Salesforce, the “VMware Educator Excellence Award” from VMware Inc., and the EMC Academic Excellence Award. His impressive academic journey is complemented by numerous publications and patents. Passionate about revolutionizing education for the digital era, Dr. Prakash collaborates with EDTech companies as an advisor to drive changes in educational delivery. He actively engages with universities to design curricula for the Computer Science and Engineering stream, focusing on personalization of content, assessments, and curriculum. Dr. Prakash’s commitment revolves around empowering the next generation with digital literacy, promoting STEM education, fostering industry-academic partnerships, embracing online learning, and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. These initiatives not only enhance employability but also cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills among students, positioning India as a global tech leader.