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Rohan Agarwal


Redbridge International Academy

Rohan Agarwal, a dynamic and forward-thinking director, initially ventured into the Iron & Steel industry in India. In a traditionally conservative sector dominated by family-owned businesses, he brought about a digital revolution. Rohan’s visionary leadership led to the establishment of fully automated steel processing units in Bangalore, significantly reducing downtime and boosting productivity. He introduced customized digital ERP systems and digitized reporting in steel trading branches across states, facilitating paperless transactions and expanding the business’s horizons. Beyond his industry achievements, Rohan’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is evident through his role as Chairman at Redbridge International Academy, a greenfield international school known for its top-notch infrastructure and innovative use of technology in education. Under his guidance, Redbridge swiftly implemented online classes during the pandemic, conducted webinars on critical topics, and leveraged e-tools for enhanced learning experiences. Rohan is also dedicated to giving back to society, engaging in food donation drives, language classes for support staff, and innovative digitized collection drives for the underprivileged. Rohan Agarwal exemplifies the digitally savvy, socially conscious millennial reshaping traditional businesses and contributing generously to society.