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Santosh Kumar Patra

Dr. Santosh Kumar Patra


Group Director
St.Martin's Engineering College

Dr. P. Santosh Kumar Patra is a renowned academic leader and the Group Director of St. Martin’s Engineering College. With a strong academic background, holding degrees in B.E, M-Tech, and a PhD in Computer Science & Engineering, he is a dedicated advocate for education and innovation. Dr. Patra is a recipient of multiple prestigious awards, notably being the sole individual in Telangana to receive the Governor Award four times. He has also been honored with the “Rastriya Gaurav Award,” “Rastriya Vikas Ratan Award,” “Dronacharya Award,” “Young Leader of the Year,” and the “IBAE International Award” in Dubai. Dr. Patra’s outstanding contributions extend to securing substantial funding for consultancy and industry-sponsored projects, totaling Rs. 444 crores from GHMC, Hyderabad, and Rs. 150 crores from HMWSSB, Hyderabad. His dedication to research has garnered him Rs. 1.8 crores in funds from DST, IIT Bombay, and AICTE. He is also a prolific author with numerous patents, books, and research papers to his name. Dr. Patra’s multifaceted involvement in various professional organizations and advisory roles underscores his commitment to academic excellence. His recent recognition with the “National Happiness Unicorn Award” further solidifies his status as a distinguished leader in education and well-being.