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K Sriharsha Reddy

Prof. (Dr.) K Sriharsha Reddy


Institute of Management Technology

Dr. K Sriharsha Reddy is a dedicated academic leader with over two decades of experience in the field of management education in India. Serving as the Director at IMT Hyderabad, he has consistently strived to create a high-quality learning environment for various stakeholders. Dr. Reddy is an alumnus of the London School of Economics (LSE) and has enriched his knowledge through short-term programs at esteemed institutions like Harvard Business School, ISB, and IIMC. In addition to his administrative role, Dr. Reddy is a published author with a book on “Banking & Insurance” and has contributed significantly to the fields of Banking, Finance, and FinTech through research papers. He has collaborated on research projects with organizations like NABARD and NPCI, while also conducting training programs on topics such as IndAS, Digital Banking, and Treasury Management for banking professionals in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Dr. Reddy’s involvement as a Steering Committee Member of the CFO forum, CII Telangana, and as an Advisor to the Hyderabad Management Association underlines his influence and expertise in the management and financial sectors.