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Startups are now being more prone towards building long term business with focused employee-centric policies

-By ArdorComm News Network

A news turn point can be seen in startups’ efforts to build new employee-centric policies. Social Commerce startup Meesho has announced 30-week gender-neutral parental leave, and Snapdeal has rolled out wellness measures for women employees. Along with that, fintech startup Slice has introduced a three-day workweek. These new initiatives show a more employee-centric approach of startups that they believe can help build a better business relation. Experts believe this new shift of startup culture from being more workaholic and hectic to more employee-centric can positively impact the business building relationship with these new startups starting the recent trend of making their employees a priority. A unique and better example of employee-centric work culture is now approaching the Indian Startup market and will attract more people to the startups for employment.


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