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SuperBot announces 300% hike in talent pool this fiscal

-By ArdorComm News Network

SuperBot, an intelligent, AI-powered voice assistant SaaS startup, has announced a 300 percent increase in staff. It’s on the lookout for people to work in marketing and sales, operations, technology, customer success, and HR. The majority of the new hires will be situated in Gurugram, the company’s headquarters.

The Company plans to increase its staff to 200 by the end of the fiscal year 2022-23, from its existing workforce of 55. SuperBot plans to onboard 20% of new candidates for senior level positions in addition to the hiring push. Half of the remaining positions will be for mid-level positions, and 30% will be for entry-level positions.

This addition of new talent to the workforce, according to Sarvagya Mishra, co-founder and director of SuperBot (PinnacleWorks), “will bring new skill sets to the table. We understand that the market is very challenging for talented professionals right now, and this may actually be an opportunity to acquire skilled manpower, which will strengthen the Company’s backbone for a longer run”.

The brand is offering its employees the freedom to explore the profiles they want to thrive in, thanks to an employee-first approach and an open culture policy. Regular appreciations and acknowledgements have been driving the working atmosphere at SuperBot, along with flexible scheduling and leave policies.

The Company ensures that everyone has the opportunity to discuss what they believe should be changed or added to make it the best place to work in the industry by using a reverse feedback method. SuperBot, an AI-powered voice agent technology that was founded in 2012, has been an enabler for a variety of industries, including education, BFSI, healthcare, and so on.

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