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Syeda Khadija, Director, Olive Garden Kindergarten, Bengaluru, Emphasizes on Teacher Training

“I train my staff, and I make it a point that I tie up with various online platforms to get the staff trained,” says Syeda Khadija, Director, Olive Garden Kindergarten, Bengaluru, in an interview with Pratik Ghosh, Content Writer, ArdorComm Media at the ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023’ #ELSABengaluru #ELSAKarnataka

How are you feeling to witness the New Normal Education Leadership Summit & Award in Bangalore?

It’s really very educative and informative, and I’m gaining a lot of information. I really liked the section of “I-Math,” and I went and personally spoke to the people there at that counter, and probably I’m going to tie up with them, so it’s benefiting us.

As you know, the theme of our event is “New Normal Karnataka.” What’s your take on this?

Frankly speaking, new norms have been a problem for kindergarteners because they are not giving us the exact policies that have to be implemented. When children are getting admitted, we are very much confused about what is the age group we have to admit the child in. So, without the right information, we are stuck nowhere. They need to really give us the proper information on it. And now, again, it’s changed, so I’m not in favour of this because it’s not giving us enough information.

How do you train the teachers? Can you emphasize on teacher training?

Firstly, I have got myself trained by Lata ma’am, who is a Montessorian, and under her guidance, I train my teachers. It’s very clear that all the teachers who are there in my school are trained because, as one of our speakers did say, if a teacher is not trained, the children are not going to get on the right path. So, I train my staff, and I make it a point that I tie up with various online platforms to get the staff trained. That is how we go about it.

As you can see in this kind of forums where we bring in education leaders, EdTech players, as well as the government, how does this kind of forum benefit the education sector?

It gives us a better understanding of what is happening around and helps us improve our skills. Like I just said, I liked the section of “I-Math,” so I’ll be introducing it into my school. That is going to help us, and yes, they are giving us some information on the National Education Policy, so that’s clearing our doubts. So, they are benefiting us.

Any message or wishes for ArdorComm Media Group on recently completing its 2 years journey?

Frankly speaking, ArdorComm was the first company who recognized the work of Olive Garden during COVID, and we were awarded by them. That is the reason why, again, I’ve been a part of it. Definitely, I’m giving you all the best wishes to grow further and try to circulate more information to us.

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4 months ago

Great job. Ms. Khadija. Go ahead!! Keep up your good work, May Allah reward you with the best always!